Grant County Shooters



Long Range Rifle Shooting

The range provides eight concrete shooting benches under a steel shelter. This range has target holders at 300 yards, 400 yards, 500 yards and 600 yards. The 600 yard target has steel plates hung as gongs to aid in getting sighted in on targets. This range is utilized in International Benchrest Shoots and is part of the summer shooting league.

There is a gas powered golf cart provided for putting up and retrieving targets. The golf cart is only used on this range or for handicapped shooters on short range.

All targets shall be paper, no glass or plastic bottles will be allowed.

All range rules apply.

Safety Rules for Long and Short Range

  1. Obey all range rules and commands.
  2. Muzzle must always be pointed down range.
  3. Magazines should be removed before entering premises.
  4. Firearm must be unloaded, bolt open or out and magazines remove until range hot or commence fire command is given.
  5. Shooters and spectators must wear eye and ear protection.
  6. No handling firearm while targets are being changed or set.
  7. Muzzle of firearm must be past fire line once commence fire command is given.
  8. No one is allowed past the firing line once commence fire command is given.
  9. Loading a firearm before commence fire command is prohibited.
  10. Spectators are required to stand to the rear of shooting shelter while range is in use.
  11. Paper targets only. No metal, glass or rocks.
  12. Do not set targets on top of target holders and berms.
  13. Cease fire will be called at timed intervals to change and or set targets.
  14. No throwing targets in air and fire.
  15. Muzzle should never be higher than back stops.
  16. Both long range and short range are controlled by the same commands. When one is hot both are hot, when in cease fire both are cease fire.
  17. Golf cart is to be used for setting or changing targets on the long range or for the handicapped on short range. No joy riding allowed.
  18. Pick up all brass, garbage and used targets and deposit in containers provided.