Grant County Shooters



Pistol Range

A five station 20 yard pistol range is provided with horseshoe earth bermed backstops, target holders and benches.

All targets shall be paper, no glass or plastic bottles will be allowed.


Safety Rules for Pistol and Small Bore rifle 25 Yard Range

  1. Actions must be open until commence fire command is given.
  2. Call a cease fire at timed intervals so targets can be changed or set.
  3. When a cease fire is called all firearms must be opened, unloaded, bolts open, cylinders open and magazines out.
  4. No handling of firearms while targets are changed or set.
  5. No throwing targets in the air.
  6. Use of designated silhouette metal targets and paper targets only.
  7. Metal reset, or flip style targets are permitted for 22 rimfire only.
  8. No glass, rocks or metal targets are allowed.
  9. Clean up area of brass, garbage and targets when finished shooting.
  10. All shooters and spectators must wear eye and ear protection.
  11. No one is allowed past firing line once commence fire command is given.
  12. Do not set targets on top of target holders or berms.