Grant County Shooters



Short Range Rifle Shooting

The range provides ten concrete and wood shooting station benches under a steel shelter. The range offers 50 yard, 100 yard, 200 yard and 235 yard framed target holders. A sun shade was built over 4 of the stations to provide relief from the sun in late afternoon shooting. This range is popular for sighting in rifles and is part of the summer shooting league.

All targets shall be paper, no glass or plastic bottles will be allowed.

All range rules apply.

Additional Safety Rules for Muzzle Loading Firearms

  1. Range commands must be obeyed at all times.
  2. Use only propellants designed for your particular firearm.
  3. Loading should be done after cease fire command has been given. Muzzle should be pointed down range while loading.
  4. No smoking while reloading.
  5. No firing of any firearms while muzzle loaders are loading.
  6. All spectators must remain at rear of shooting shelter during muzzle loader shooting.
  7. All shooters and spectators must wear eye and ear protection.